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Pealtrees is easy to use and fun! You can share your content with the Pealtrees community. You can visit other peoples Pealtrees and best of all you don’t need followers to get visits to your Pearltrees.

How Peartrees Work

Why Join Pearltrees

Organize all your favorite sites while you surf.

Get access from any PC, Mac or iPad

You can drag and drop your Pearltrees to organize into categories.

You can share the same content in more than one pearltree. Example: A survival type article can go in a Pealtree for survival, primitive living, camping, ect...

Discover peals that you're interested in as other's discover your pearltrees.

The community has over 200.000 users and 10 million pearls and still growing.
You can use the Firefox add on to share from your browser.

Best of all Pearltrees is free.

I like Pearltrees because you can be social like on any other social site if you so choose. You do not have to stay active and socialize with people in the community.

A matter of fact any content that you put in your pealtrees are public. So if you do not want something public do not put it in Pearltrees.

Pearltrees is different from bookmarking sites. The idea is to make content easier to find without search engines like Google where you have to tag and use keywords to find articles of interest.

Pearltrees is great for poems and stories that SEO keywords cannot be used. Pearltree makes it easy to find and bring you traffic you would not get from search engines.

Just give your pearl a good title and category and you will see traffic get to your content.

Pearltrees user can export their account into a W3C-compliant RDF file, by clicking "export" in the settings.

Here is a detailed review for Pearltrees
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