How to French Braid Hair


French braiding has been around since long hair. French braiding has always been a popular hairstyle. This style keeps you cool and keeps your hair out of your face. Wearing your hair in a french braid show the natural beauty of your face.
A french braid makes you feel and look sexy and in control. Let down a french braid,leaves your hair full with crimped soft wavy hair.


  • Wash or wet your hair then comb the knots out of your hair.
  • Comb hair strait back. Section your hair like a V with the point going toward the back of your head.
  • Separate hair in three strands as shown in the picture.
  • Hold the left strand of hair with your pinky.
  • Move the right strand over the hair toward your left hand
  • Shift your right strand of hair over to your left. This is the center section of your hair.
  • Pickup a section of hair move it to the right add it to the new right strand.
  • Cross over the left strand over the middle section of hair to the right hand.
  • Keep adding a strands of your hair each time you cross over from your left hand to your right until you run out of hair to add.
  • You will run out of hair just work your way down until your finally braiding your hair.
  • Put a rubber band at the end of your braid or tuck the braid under.

How to French Braid Hair On The Sides


Learn to French Braid Your Own Hair

I know the photos in this article shows you. How to french braid the back of your hair but I figured. It would be easier if you learn to french braid your hair from the side.
It's easier if you can see how each section crosses over the other section of hair. The advantage of learning to braid your hair on the side. As you can see which strand of hair crosses over and if your braid is look like a french braid.

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