How to Remove Crayon Off Walls

Blue and Red Crayon on Wall

Tuff crayon marks on walls.
Tuff crayon marks on walls.


Ways to remove crayon off your walls for different types of paint. Find out how to get crayon scribbles off oil based paint. Learn how to remove crayon off of water based paint. You can remove crayon off of un-washable paint as well learn how?

Paint Will Not Cover Crayon Marks

Small children or toddlers are the ones famous for their artwork using (crayons) Crayons are not impossible to remove off walls. Scrub to your heart's content only to smug the crayon into the paint. Then you decide to check to see if you have some left over paint in the garage. You find some paint so you paint over the crayon but the crayon reappears. The reason being is the wax is resisting the paint. There are two ways to remove crayons off the wall.


Step 1
For washable walls use WD-40. Spray a little WD-40 on your walls where the crayon scribbles are then use an old wash rag to scrub off the crayon on your walls using some elbow grease.

Step 2
Use some dish soap with warm water to wipe off and remove the WD-40 oily residue off your wall.

Step 3
If you do not have, washable paint use a blow-dryer. Turn blow dryer on low-heat. In a minute or two the crayon will melt then use an old rag to wipe off the heated crayon with a damp rag.

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