Keep Worms in Your Garden

Keep Red Worms in Your Garden

Tired of hauling compost to your garden then tiling or raking the compost in the ground your in luck. You're probably thinking this is another article on worm farming. Nope!

Ensure Your Worms Stay Healthy and Happy so they Stay in Your Garden

This technique is great for the environment and will supply your garden with plenty of free worm casting.
We all know that worms are essential for gardening all types of gardening. It gets costly when you have to purchase compost and casting from red worm farmers. Red worms put out the most castings and the most nutritious castings of all worms.

You could make your own compost but that takes time and energy. You could raise your own worms and save a lot of money but raising your own red worms takes time and lots of care to ensure that your red worms stay healthy and happy so that they breed. Then once you have done all that your investment of your time and money just wiggles right out of your garden.

So you're probably wondering well how can I ensure my investment in my garden just doesn't wiggle away to someone else garden?

Just like any other critter when the food runs out they move on so it's your job to keep your red worms and night crawlers a steady supply of food. By now you're probably wondering how you can be sure your red worms stay in your garden. Watch the video it has instructions on how to build a worm tower.

Worm Tower for Your Garden


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