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Have you been flagged for duplicated content on Hubpages and don't know why? Use this handy tool for all your rewrites. This writing tool points out which parts of your article are duplicated and it's free.

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If you are a Hubpage writer then you know about the duplicated content filter. On Hubpages if your article has to much duplicated content your content gets flagged by the content filter.

On Hubpages you cannot put duplicated content even if you are the author of the content. This means you cannot simply copy an article that you wrote from another writing site or blog and republish your article here on Hubpages.

Your article must be original or the content filter will flag your article for either duplicated content or plagiarized content.

In the Hubpage forum I see writers all the time wondering what parts of their article are duplicated or plagiarized.

I have dealt with this issue myself while researching articles. When you do research on an article topic it’s easy to accidentally copy parts of someone elses content.

I have also done some rewrites on articles I wrote a long time ago that is when I found this free tool.

Every writer needs this free tool because it does more than check your article for duplicated content it shows you where your content is duplicated. Everywhere your article is duplicated it’s highlighted no guessing.

This writing tool also has a keyword density checker as well. Which works like a charm!

Once you have downloaded this writing tool you can click the help button at the top. You will find all the free features and paid features that come with this writing tool.

This tool is not the same as all the other plagiarized content checkers that simply give you a percentage of how duplicated the article is but shows you what parts that need to be rewritten.
Note: The Extreme Content Checker has a glitch when you open the file. Open file a box appears with 3 buttons to click. Click all 3 then hit the close button. Extreme Content will open up to an advertise page click no thanks. Now a page appears so you can paste the flagged content on left side rewrite your article in the other side.
Settings: Scroll to the bottom look to the right you will see a setting that says "words" I recommend you click and choose the sentence. Look to the left of that setting. You will see minimum length. I set mine at 3. Scroll to the top left side click compare.
The software will highlight any words that are duplicated. Ignore single words that are duplicated. Only change any 3 words or more that is duplicated..
Look at the bottom you will see a % of duplicated content. You do not want no more than 20%. Duplicated content. Your goal should be 0 that means your article is a 100% original.

Extreme Content Checker

Extreme Content Checker Features and Help


Word Count and Plaglarizerd
This is a great tool that is easy to use to check if any of your content is plagiarized and it has word count feature so that you know how many words are in your document. If your a writer you should try this plugin.

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