Large Purses vs Small Purses

Which Purse is Best a Bigger Purse or Smaller Purse?

Today we will go through the pros and cons of bigger vs smaller purses. Whats the best purse for you? How to choose a purse that accommodates you the best? Learn how carrying a purse can affect your health? Find out what purses can cause you to be a victim of theft.

How to Determine the Best Size Purse for Your Needs

If you're in the market for buying a purse there is a few things to consider before buying a purse.

Women carry purses for many different reasons. Before you make a purchase on a purse you should think about what you will be carrying in your new purse.

The best way to determine what you will be carrying in your purse is to clean out your old purse.

Cleaning out your old purse will tell you a lot about what is necessary to carry and what is not necessary to carry in your purse.

After cleaning out your purse take another look inside your old purse than ask yourself. Do I really need to carry this item in my purse?

You will notice right away that your purse has considerably fewer items.

Now that you have determined what items that are needed to go into your new purse? You can better determine the best size purse for you.

Pros and Cons of Large Purses

Although you think bigger is better. Its really not!

My Purse

Carrying a large purse has its advantages but the disadvantages out ways the advantages this is how?

Even tho you have good intentions your purse wounds up being a garbage dump over time. You begin to put unwanted items in your purse such as receipts,bubble gum wrappers,empty cigarette packs ect...

Also when you buy a large handbag you have to put more items in your new handbag so that it don't seem so empty. Items you will not use just to make your handbag full.

Large handbags can and will accumulate a lot of stuff adding weight to your handbag. The weight accumulates over time and before you know it your purse weighs a ton.

Carrying a heavy purse can cause you to have pain in your shoulders and your back. I kept complain of my shoulder killing me. It never a cured to me it was my purse causing the pain in my shoulder.

The first thing my doctor noticed was my purse. My doctor asked what shoulder I carry my purse. I said the right side. He went over and picked my purse up. Right away he said there is your problem! He said the weight of my purse was what was causing the pain in my shoulder.

Large purses make you an easy target for theft. Although your intentions maybe to zip up or snap your purse closed. You will more than likely find your purse unzipped or unsnapped more than you would like.

I see women with large purses everyday walking around shopping with their purse slighty out of their vision behind them as they walk. All a thief would have to do is look inside the handbag grab there wallet than continue to walk right past the victim.

Items in large purses can take time to find. At times you might have to empty your purse out in order to find your car keys.

Big bulky purses can be embarrassing while paying for purchases when you have to dig all through your handbag to find your money.

Pros and Cons of Small Purses

Could smaller purses be better?

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of smaller purses. Granted smaller purse cannot carry as much whats the point? The point is do you really need to carry all that baggage?

When carrying a smaller purse you only have to carry what you need.

You don't cram as much garbage in a smaller purse.

You're not likely to leave a smaller purse open were your personal belongings can be seen.

A smaller purse is easier and quicker to find the items you need.

You're not likely to carry a smaller purse opened and slightly behind you so that thieves can grab your wallet.

You are not likely to carry any items you do not need so you will not accumulate unnecessary stuff.

You look more organized so you avoid being embarrassed.

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