How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance


Their are some simple ways to reduce your car insurance payments.  Here is some short notes you can print and use to refer to while trying to reduce the rate on the car insurance you already have or new car insurance rates.

New Car Insurance

If you are thinking of buying a new car.   Here are somethings you should consider before buying a new car.

  •     Remember the type of car you buy affects the amount you pay for car insurance. Sports cars, favorites for car thieves, these kinds of vehicles generally have higher insurance rates.
  •    Expensive to repair cars with extra features have higher insurance rates.
  •     Ask if insurance company provide discounts to consumers who buy multiple policies.
  •     Home insurance see if the company also does car insurance most insurance that does will give you a packages deal on both your car and home insurance.

Existing Car Insurance

  •      Raise your deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage. This means that filing a claim is higher, but the monthly payment of car insurance is lower.
  •      Some car insurance companies offer a discount for cars that have automatic seat belts or air bags.
  •      You might be eligible for a good-driver or defensive-driving discount.
  •      Ask about low-mileage discounts.
  •     Let current insurance company be aware of any changes you've made such as installing anti-theft devices, getting good grades in school, driver-safety course,switching to a vehicle with lower mileage.

Shopping around. for prices for car insurance can vary company to company. However, don’t let price be the only thing you consider while buying car insurance.  Before you purchase car insurance.  Make sure the company is a known car insurance company.

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