Fixes for Murray Riding Lawn Mowers

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Get your "Free Murray Lawn Mower Manuals," and learn some tips on "How to Replace Drive Belt On a Murray."Find out how to check your solenoid and more.

Free Murray Lawn Mower Manuals

Whether you have a push mower or tractor riding lawn mower you can find you free manual.  If you can’t find your manual check out the forum they will help you get your free Murray lawn mower manual.

Murray Riding Mower Belt Diagram Troubleshooting

Determine the possibilities why your Murray riding mower keeps braking or throwing the belt and how to fix the problem with your lawn mower belt.

How to Replace Drive Belt On a Murray

Replacing a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower is easy.

You will read in detailed instruction in this article on how to remove your Murray riding lawn mower drive belt. You will be provided with a complete diagram for your Murray riding mower. Do not worry the part that are described in the article you can see on the diagram so it makes it easy to identify the parts.

Riding Lawn Mower Belt Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for most brands of riding lawn mowers with decks.
Are you replacing lawn mower belts more then once a year? Does your Riding lawn mower throw belts? Does your lawn mower break belts? Let’s fix the problem forget the symptoms. Fixing the symptoms are draining your pockets and giving you headaches so let’s fix the problem with your riding mower belt.

How to Check Solenoid for Murray Riding Lawn Mower

(Only works with a Briggs & Stratton motor)

A typical solenoid consists of two large terminals. One terminal wire connects to the battery and the other wire to the starter motor. Then your smaller terminal that connects to the 'start' terminal on the ignition switch.

This smaller terminal is connected to an internal coil which may be grounded through the solenoids mounting bolts. After power is applied to the small terminal, the coil draws the plunger too operate the switch that connects the battery to the starter.

Fuel solenoid test: Un-clip and remove the wire harness and remove solenoid from carburetor float bowl. Use a charged 9 volt battery, and touch two leads from the battery terminal to the solenoid terminals (polarity doesn't matter). You should hear a clicking noise as it engages, on some lawn mowers you can actually see the solenoid plunger retract under power. If nothing happens, replace solenoid.

Murray Riding Mower is not Firing

1)  It maybe  the armature or your key switch. There should be a wire you can un-plug that will isolate the engine from the frame to begin to troubleshoot.

2) Some times the starter wire gets loose after use. Open the hood on your riding mower.   Look for the black cylinder about 3 inches around and about 9 inches high next to the motor. This will have a gear sprocket on top that turns the motor when power from the ignition reaches it. Check to see the looseness of the wires bolted to the starter and tighten them down. This worked for me after trouble shooting.

3) Make sure didn’t blow any of the fuses.

How to Adjust Carburetor for Murray Riding Mower

You need to go to the call customer service.  Give them your engine model and serial number.  They can give you the settings for your particular lawn motor.

You can find a tune-up manual in the library, if you're that handy. Make sure there is no junk in carburetor (water, debris, shellac), because if nobody has been fooling with it, that is likely the source of the problem.

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