Murray Riding Mower Ignition Switch Fix

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Did your Murray riding motor stop running?  Did you hit something with your Murray tractor mower and now it won't run?  Here is a (video) to help you troubleshoot your electrical components for your Murray riding lawn mower.

Today I am working on my own Murray tractor mower.  I hit a stump a few months back.  The motor stopped dead on it's tracks and the motor wouldn't start again on my Murray tractor mower.

Today I did some troubleshooting.  Since I hit a stump and the lawn mower stopped running I figured I better check the blade.

The riding lawn mower blade appeared to have no damage.  I took the spark plug wire off the spark plug for safety.  Note: always remove spark plug wire when removing the blade.

I figured since I have someone here to hold the lawn mower to it's side.  I should just go a head and sharpen the blade.

Next I checked my Murray tractor mower belt.  Making sure my belt didn't slip off the pulleys.  Lawn mower belt was just fine.

I checked my lawn mower battery after the battery charged all night.  I figured it could be the battery considering I have had my Murray tractor mower for 8 years I bought my lawn mower used,  So I can safely assume the lawn mower battery has never been replaced.

I have power in my lawn mower battery but no power to my ignition switch.  Since I never had problems with my tractor mower switches.

I went on to youtube and found a great video on troubleshooting a ignition switch.
I viewed "Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Lawn & Garden Tractors" I hope this video helps you with your  Murray riding mower fix.

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  1. I have never had a riding lawn mower before. I already bought my new Weedeater riding mower yesterday. I had a chance to cut about 3/4" of grass today and have to say that the riding mower met or exceeded my expectations.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I never heard of the Weedeater riding lawn mower are you happy with it so far?

      After I come back from my vacation I will have to see about getting a weedeater lawn mower.

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