Unexplainable Constant Vomiting or Sick Feeling

First I want to tell you how I got inspired to write "Unexplainable Constant Vomiting or Sick Feeling." 

I ran across an article written by moonwillowlake the title was "Constant Nausea: What Could It Be?" I couldn't believe the hell she went through because of this illness.

If you have ever been nauseated for one day.  You know how miserable you were.

Imagine feeling like your going to get sick every time you eat or smell food.

Most people with this illness constantly feel ill.  The nauseated feeling never goes away.  Whether food is in-valved or not.

My story and  moonwillowlake are very similar except.  My nausea left after I got pregnant.   Moonwillowlake constant nausea start when she became pregnant.

This article will point out the possible causes of this illness.

This article will point out some possible ways you can at least get temporary relief or stop your nausea altogether.  Of course,that depends on whats causing you to feel nauseated.

Doctor's Guess Work and Treatments

In moonwillowlake case she was going to get to the bottom of this illness.  I will give moonwillowlake a lot of credit.  Because I would have never under gone all the test and surgeries she under gone.

When she first started feeling ill.  It started when she became pregnant.  Naturally the doctors blamed the nausea and vomiting on the pregnancy.

Until she vomited for 24 hours strait.  Now the doctors took notice.  Now vomiting is no longer an issue.  Now they was concerned about dehydration.  She had to go to the hospital for dehydration.  So they hooked her up to an IV to rehydrate her and the baby.

She went to the hospital on several occasions for dehydration.  Finally they gave moonwillowlake some anti-nausea medicine.  The medicine did not even give her temporary relief.

She had hoped when her baby was born.  Her nausea would stop but it did not stop.  She developed abdominal pain.  This is when her doctor took a closer look,so they did a CT scan the scan showed she had a problem with her appendix, so they removed her appendix.

The nausea still persisted.

Her second diagnosis:  She still had abdominal pain and felt sick to her stomach.  So the doctors did an ultrasound and found her gallbladder was the cause of her unexplainable vomiting and sick feeling.

She had surgery and had her gallbladder removed.  The unexplainable vomiting and sick feeling never went away it persisted.  Her doctor referred her to another specialist a GI doctor.

Her GI doctor preformed a procedure I would consider to be invasive that was an upper endoscopy.  The doctor found she had Barrett's esophagus.  Her digestive fluids were blocked.  So they opened up the duct during a ERCP procedure so her digestive fluids could flow freely.

Finally, the unexplainable constant vomiting or sick feeling was discovered and  moonwillowlake is back to normal without any symptoms of nausea.


Constant Nausea: What Could It Be

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  3. Thank-you kindly for accurately portraying my struggles with nausea during that challenging time. I am so grateful that the daily nausea issues are no longer present. When the GI doctor performed the ERCP procedure, he opened up a duct allowing the blocked digestive fluids to freely flow. If you or anyone else you know is experiencing anything like this, I encourage you to talk with your doctor about whether or not a sphincter of oddi dysfunction or issue could be the root cause.

    Also, since I've been through this and other medical issues, I have learned just how much even minor medical mistakes in your record can affect you. If you haven't checked your record lately and want to know what I'm referring to, then I encourage you to check out this article: http://moonwillowlake.hubpages.com/hub/Is-Whats-in-Your-Record-A-Minor-Mistake-Or-Harmful


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