How to Survive a Hurricane

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Being prepared is the key to surviving a hurricane.  You should always be prepared even if it is not hurricane season.  Hurricanes often form tornadoes that make them even more dangerous.  

If you live near the ocean, get out of dodge do not whether out a hurricane. Evacuate as soon as possible.  

Hurricanes are unpredictable they can start out as no real threat then become stronger and bigger very quickly.  Many people die each year in hurricane storms.  

The safest way to survive a Hurricane is to leave your home behind.  You will not be able to protect your home anyways during the storm.  No matter what the category of the hurricane.

Make sure your property is properly insured if you live in a high-risk area for hurricanes.

Board your windows
Remove any debris from the yard that might cause property damage.  

Help your neighbor’s to pick up anything that can fly or cause property damage.

Put all your basic supplies in a closet or the bathroom.  

Fill tub up with water.  Fill up as many gallon jugs of water as possible.  You maybe be without power and water for weeks.  

Keep anything that can hurt you on the ground.  (That is if you stay)

Leave go visit some relatives that are not in the storms path.  Go somewhere north of the storm, where it will have lost strength by the time it reaches the area.

When you leave, take important papers.  

Fill up your vehicle with gas and as many gas cans as you can.  You might not be able to get gas for several days.   Do not return right after the storm wait at least a day before returning. 
== Things You'll Need ==

*Non-perishable foods
*Bottled water and a cooler with ice.
*Plywood and tape, to protect your windows.
* Flashlights
*A battery-powered '''radio'''.
*Glow sticks or candles.
*Pet food and extra water, if you have pets
*Extra clothes
*A gun or slingshot
* Extra medicine 

== Steps ==

Do not leave your home. This is the most dangerous time in the storm. The area around the eye of the storm is where they measure the wind strength. At this time, tornadoes are a possibility.

Wait  at least 30 minutes after the eye of the storm has passed over' before entering rooms with windows. Still, you should be very careful. At this point, there is still a chance of debris breaking your window.

After the storm has passed, you will have a lot to deal with'''. There will be lots of trees and downed power lines. Most likely, your house will have some damage, no matter how strong the storm.

== Tips ==

*Just because the news says it's going to hit one place, doesn't mean it can't turn.
*People need about a gallon of water a day. Keep this in mind when buying water.
*Pets need a gallon of water as well, but this will last about two days for them.
*Be prepared to evacuate.  This is the best and safest way to survive a hurricane.

== Warnings ==

*Generators produce Carbon Monoxide. Make sure to place them outdoors.

*Only go outside if you absolutely have to. Normally, there should be no reason at all to leave your house.

*After the storm, there will be lots of downed powerlines. While some may look normal, they most likely have 10,000 volts of energy. '''DO NOT GO NEAR ANY LINES'''. Call the energy company to help you.

*Trees will also have powerlines tangled in them. Avoid any fallen trees.

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