How to Make a Temporary Seat Cover for Your Vehicle

A sheepskin seat cover and seatbelt cover. The...A sheepskin seat cover and seat-belt cover. The sides of the seat cover have been made from a synthetic material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you want to protect your seats in your car, truck or van.  You can do so easily without having to pay for seat covers.  No sewing necessary!

If you have a nice vehicle if you are like me.  You want to keep your vehicle looking as nice as possible as long as you possibly can.

I am a smoker.  My biggest worry is burning a hole in my seats.  I also have a big dog with long claws that can easily tare my seats.

I went and priced some seat covers at a few places and seat covers range between $29 to about $59 a set.

I could not afford to get seat-covers right away!

When I first got my vehicle I used towels to cover my seats temporary.  Using towels have its draw backs.

The biggest draw back is keeping the towel on the seats.  Every time you get in and out of your vehicle you constantly have to keep recovering the seats.

With this idea it keeps the seats covered.  All you need is a blanket or sheet for each seat you want to cover.

Since I am a smoker I use a full size sheet and double it up by folding it in half.  I then lay the folded sheet long ways on the seat.  I tuck the sheet all around the seat.

I pull the sheet up past the head rest far enough to where the sheet is off the floor but still covering the seat.

You should have an extra sheet dangling from the back of your car seat.

Take each corner of your sheet that is extra and tie it in a knot.

This keeps your temporary seat cover from sliding down.  If you chose you can tie a knot in front of the seat.  Tie the front of the sheet in front it prevents the sheet from pulling up or pull off the sides of your seats.

This is a sufficient way to cover your vehicles seats until you can afford to buy a set of seat-covers.

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    1. I wished you would have commented a few days ago. I had to buy my seat covers from Walmart which didn't have much of a selection of seat covers at all so I was stuck with scull designed seat covers.

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