How to Make Your Raised Garden Bed for Free

Classic Pallets
Yes, you can make your own raised garden for free with the exception if you need to buy screws or nails.  The video shows you step by step on how to make your raised garden bed.

You can build your raised garden with free pallets and the best thing is your helping the environment.  You can find pallets just about anywhere that ships large items.

In the video it shows him using nails to build his raised garden.  I would suggest using screws.  Screws are stronger and will last longer than nails.

I also recommend using safety glasses and leather gloves.  Some pallets are very splintery.  This project is great for people who are into frugal living.

Just about anyone can build this simple but beautiful raised garden.  Once you build your raised garden and you add your soil you can raise worms for your raised garden to help put nutrition in your soil so that your plant stay healthy and beautiful.

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