How to Protect Yourself from Home Invasions

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How criminals find victims? How criminals organize and choose their victims? What you can do to stop being an easy target for criminals?

Most home invasions are done during the day. These criminals stake out your house and study your routine even go through your garbage. These criminals will go as far as staking out your workplace to learn your routine there as well.

You would think most home invasions would be done at night in the cover of darkness but that is rare unless the intent is rape or murder.

Most home invasions occur when you invite the criminal into your home or they force themselves in after you open the door.

Lots of home invasions occur while you're not home. These kinds of home invasions usually are the intent to rob. If you hear someone in your home remember they probably think you’re gone. The best thing to do is get out of the home without being seen. If you can’t get out turn the shower on lock bathroom door hide under the bed.

When the robber enters your bedroom he will hear the shower this will alert him that someone is home. If his intent is just to rob you he will do a quick sweep of easy to grab valuables then make a quick exit.

If the robber seems to be waiting for someone to get out of the shower be prepared to fight for your life. Try to see if the robber has a gun he will more than likely have it visible at this point. He might get impatient and bust down the bathroom door use this time to get out of the bedroom and exit the house. He will assume you're hiding in the house or you have exited the house. Go to a neighbor and call the police.

How Criminals Gain Entry into Most Homes

Rummage through your garbage in order to get information to use to gain entrance into your home. They look for mail that has your first and last name preferably your “phone bill” this is great for getting both your phone number and your full name. They may call you to inform you of a package or some other means to get you to open your door.

Mailbox: people who put their first and last name on their mailbox become easy targets. It's so easy to get information now days with computers and gadgets that technology offers. This makes it easy to get personal information with a click of a button.

Gain Your Trust: remember these criminals sometimes take weeks or months of studying your routine. They may go as far as to keep bumping into you so that you recognize them when they come to your door. It’s no coincidence this person you keep bumping into appears at your door.

If you see this person through your peep hole do not make a sound no matter how persistent the knock.  If they appear to be walking toward your backyard run to make sure your backdoor is locked.  If your backdoor is not locked.  Quickly lock the back door before they get to your backyard.

If you hear them twisting the doorknob grab your cell-phone run out the front door make sure you quietly close the front door. Since you didn’t answer either door they will assume you are not home. Stay out of sight call police.

License Plate: When you get your plates you have the choice whether to put the county you live in or the state choose your state not the county you live in because it makes it much easier to narrow down your address.

Never leave mail on the dash of your car. This makes you an easy target for stokers and rapist.

Personal Computer: remember on the news a couple shared on Facebook that they were going on vacation. When they came home they were robbed. Do not give details to family members or anyone else about trips or any other whereabouts. Do not put on your profiles the county you live in or any other personal information. Avoid sites that require you to reveal your first and last name and other personal information.
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