Avoid Tree Damage and Tree Root Damage

Tree damages caused by Hurricane Bonnie.
Tree damages caused by Hurricane Bonnie.

Learn what you should consider before planting any trees. Get the facts before you plant trees on your property. Make an educated decision before you plant your trees.

Planning the Location of Your Trees Means All the World for You and Your Trees

Trees are beautiful . Trees benefit us in so many ways. Know wonder so many people purchase trees for their property. This article is not about saving the environment. This article is about the future of the trees that are planted and the future of the property owner.

You are probably wondering why this article is about the future of the property owner? As a property owner myself. I love my trees. My trees surround my house. These trees are huge and magnificent.

The trees benefit me in so many ways. Like they keep my house cool in the summer. I rarely have to cut the grass.

I see lots of different birds. Although I love my trees they are presenting a problem.

The home owners before me never considered the future of the trees and the cost.

I had to have a Florida palm tree removed because it was planted under a power line. These trees are expensive and they grow very tall.

While sitting in the backyard. I was admiring my trees until it was time to pressure clean my roof. The carport has a pan roof. Anyhow there is a huge limb growing across the pan roof clear to my trailer roof.

I thought how on earth can that limb be cut without damaging the pan roof without paying a tree trimming company to cut the limb.

This limb is huge! I also realized the base of the tree is about 4feet from my carport and still growing. This tree is beautiful and healthy. It would be a shame to cut that beautiful healthy tree down.

I also have an oak tree that the roots are growing through my seawall causing lots of damage to my seawall.

My point is location does matter for the future of the tree and home owner.

Do Research Before You Plant Any Trees on Your Property

Research the type of tree you plan on planting. Research the root system of the tree you plan on planting. A tree with a large root system can do a lot of damage to the foundation of your house, seawall, and septic tank.
Consider how tall and wide the tree will grow in maturity. This is also important to avoid costly damage to your home.

Tree Maintenance

Consider the maintenance of the tree and the future cost of maintaining the tree before making a purchase or transplanting a tree.

Trees need to be trimmed and topped off. If you want grass in your yard. You have to rake the leaves and trim the inner limbs of the tree to allow sunlight to penetrate to the ground in order for the grass to grow.

The facts of this story are the location and the type of tree can and will either cost you the homeowner or cost the tree its life. Simply because the tree was planted in the wrong location.

Liability of Trees

If you have large trees you are liable if your trees fall or damages someone else property. If you’re a home owner. It is suggested to check your homeowners insurance policy to make sure your policy covers tree damage.
Large trees can easily completely destroy a house and kill someone.

Authors Note: I plan on disassembling my carport since it is made out of aluminum with a pan roof and relocating my carport. It is cheaper for me and it saves the life of my oak tree.

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