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What is acne? What causes acne? How to prevent acne?

There is plenty of theories and medical facts out there on the Internet about acne. Some of it true some just speculation. So here is some simple facts and simple steps you can take to get the clearer smoother skin.

Ladies: The ladies who wear makeup need to be aware. Although makeup can be used to cover blemishes its not recommended.

Makeup and makeup applicators can and will harbor harmful bacteria. If you have a bad problem with acne you should not wear any makeup until your face clears up.

If you are going to wear makeup whether you have an acne problem or not. Always use foundations that you pump out of the bottle. Never use foundations where you do the foundation from the bottle or jar with your fingers.

Ever time you dab makeup from the bottle then apply the makeup to your face you contaminating your makeup in the bottle with bacteria. The bacteria then grow in the bottle of makeup.

Always use disposable applicators or cotton balls to apply your makeup, creams and cleaners never your fingers.

Always keep your hands away from your face. Your hands touch so many surfaces and pick up all types of virus and bacteria. Keeping your hands off your face will not only stop the acne but will also keep you healthier.

First clean your face with a washrag. Use antibacterial soap with warm water. Massage in circles with the warm soap. Rinse and ring-out rag. Wipe off the soap with the warm washrag.

Use a small bowl add some baking soda and just enough vinegar to see it fizz. The fizzing will enter into your pores and boil out the dirt, makeup and bacteria.

Use your wash rag to dip into the baking soda and vinegar to make like an acne cream then massage genitally. Concentrate mostly in those areas where you have the most problems with acne.

If you wear makeup you should repeat the step before applying makeup and when you remove your makeup. Whether you wear makeup or not you should clean your face twice a day. To get rid of the acne quicker. Use straight apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball then dabs and wipe your face with the cotton ball. This will clean and kill any bacteria that causes acne.


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