How to Strengthen Your Abs, Legs and Arms

Learn the best and cheapest way to work out and exercise your abs, legs and arms.  You can do this in your own home.

You can strengthen your muscles and learn to balance yourself.

You will get a very high impact exercise in a short period of time.  Which will strengthen and tone your muscles?

Just by using an exercise ball, the exercise ball will make your work out fun and challenging.

You benefit with doing this exercise because you will be more flexible and you will have more upper body and lower body strength.

If you do the crunches with the exercise ball you will strengthen your abs.  
Each time you do your crunches.  You will feel your abs get tighter and muscular.

If you want to get fast results do two sets of the scissor twist a day.



Clear out an area to where you have room enough to exercise with your exercise ball.

Step 2

Lie a mat or blanket down.

Step 3

Lie flat on your back put your foot and ankle on top of the exercise ball.  Put your other foot on side of the exercise ball.
Step 4

Prop yourself up with your arms and elbows.

Step 5

Squeeze the exercise ball with your legs and ankles.

Step 6

Lift exercise ball into air.

Step 7

Twist exercise ball to one side and hold for ten seconds.  Rotate exercise ball to other side and hold for ten seconds.

Step 8

Repeat step 7 until you have completed 10 twist back and forth.

To Make Exercise More Challenging

Step 9

Hold ball while pulling your upper body toward the exercise ball.  Hold for ten seconds.

Step 10

Repeat the steps in this article to complete two sets of ten.


Do not over do yourself.  Stop if you are straining yourself.  Rest yourself than start again.   

Your musicals will be sore but as they say “No Pain No Gain” So if you want tight abs and upper body strength.   

You must do the scissor exercise twice a day.
Remember to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

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