Evil Spirits and What Science Studies Show and Religion

Evil Spirit Appearing as an Angle
Demons from Scientific and Religious Views

According to the Bible demons existed since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge described as being an apple.  To this day we are influenced by evil spirits.

Now days evil spirits are often mistaken as mental disorders.  Science are studying the possibilities that demons are real and the possibilities of how the end of the world will come about as described in the Bible.

Science has been studying evil spirits for the past few years.  The psychotherapist  is witnessing behaviors that are indescribable.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will come upon the earth stronger than ever during the end times.

During the end times God sends out his Holy Spirit to save as many souls as he can before the end.

Satan came to destroy mankind by deceit and mankind will destroy themselves because the lying voices they hear in their minds.

You see signs on the news that are described in the Bible about end times.  They have movies about end times.  They have documentaries and theories of the end times.

People seem to believe that the world will end but can't quite grasp the idea that demons exist this day in age.

It says in the Bible Satan will deceive and destroy many before he gets cast in the pit of hell.

You see more people than even going to psychotherapy for some sort of mental disorder.  

If you have been in psychotherapy.  You know those pills you get from your psychotherapist never stops the thoughts and voices in your mind.

The pills they give you have side effects that cause you to think about suicide.  Get real!  Think for a minute.  

How can a pill make you think about suicide or killing someone?  How can a pill make you have uncontrollable desires to have sex with children or animals?

Ask yourself be honest with yourself?  Has psychotherapy helped with your unlawful desires to kill yourself, animals or another human being?

If you or someone else is suffering from a sever case of depression, fear, anxiety, worry or any other mental disorders.

Please learn all you can by visiting all the links I provided for you.  Remember keep an open mind.  

This article is not suggesting everyone with a mental disorder is possessed with demons nor is it trying to change your beliefs but to let you see the possibilities.

The Flesh and Demons: They work together!

This post describes how demon influence works with the flesh and mind.  If you have questions on how people become possessed this article has a lot of great details on that subject.  The authors comment: Many who criticize the deliverance ministry will claim that we tend to blame everything on demons to avoid personal responsibility. That is simply not true in most cases in this type of ministry. I do not intend on ignoring the flesh or overemphasizing the demonic, but I would like to clearly explain how the two work together to carry out Satan's plan in our lives.

Deliverance FAQ

You will find questions about Satan and his demons with answers backed up by scriptures in the Bible.  Whether or not you have been "saved" or believe in Jesus or you're an atheist please read this with an open mind.  Nobody here is trying to convert you or change your beliefs in any way.

Exorcism as Psychotherapy: A Clinical Psychologist Examines So-Called Demonic Possession Is there a difference between demonic possession and mental disorders?
Published on February 5, 2011 by Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. in Evil Deeds

"Exorcism can be said to be the prototypical form of psychotherapy. Despite the secular scientific persona of most mental health professionals today, simply scratching the surface of rationality and objectivity reveals a secret exorcist: Like exorcists, psychotherapists speak in the name of a "higher being," be it medical science or some psychological, metaphysical or spiritual belief system." This article is written by Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. he explains the psychological theories of different possibilities of evil spirits and exorcisms.

Science and Jinn [Demons]

This site offers a scientific view of evil spirits which they call Jinn (Demons).  This site is great for those who do not believe in God! They have a forum where you can ask questions?  Note:  The forum appears to be new.  I registered so I will be on the forum regularly.  There are videos you can watch about demons.  There is a lot of scientific information whether you're a believer or not is up to you.  I am addressing scientific views and religious views.  In order to make people more aware of what they might be facing.

How to Deal with Demons (Evil Spirits)

This article has footage of demons manifesting themselves in many ways.  Science is doing studies on demon possessions like never before.  Science is also questioning whether or not if people are demon possessed or have a mental illness.  Watch the videos and decide for yourself.  I have seen with my own eyes people slither like a snake, foam at the mouth, speak in an unknown language and speak with several different voices.  Just as if there were several voices speaking both female and male voices with violent screams.

How I Met Satan in the Flesh

I share one of my many encounters with Satan.  I also share a screen shot of the wikihow forum post.  Of Satan say as a reply to my question "I am evil as they come" if you don't believe it.  Look at the very bottom of the screen shot.  Let me know what you think!  After I wrote my story I seen that reply.

F.A.Q. About Demons

Although no one has all the answers.  This article answers the most frequently asked questions about demons and evil spirits.  These are questions from my readers who either commented on my article "How to Deal with Demons" or sent me an email.

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