How to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight


Learn how to improve your health and safely lose weight. Never worry about your weight again if you do what is suggested and apply what is suggested everyday.
Apple Cider Vinegar made from Applies
Apple Cider Vinegar made from Applies
Healthy Salad

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know an apple a day will keep the doctor away? It is true according to health experts. Apple cider vinegar is made from apples. Apple cider vinegar will add years to your life and improve the quality of your life.

You will look younger and feel younger than ever before. It's simple just drink an apple cider tonic. Apple cider vinegar purifies your system the natural way. You have abused your body and let yourself go. Do not expect after years of abusing and over eating that you will look like a "Barbie" overnight.

Consider your bone structure and family members bone structure. Some people have big bone structure,medium,and large. "Our DNA just will not allow us all to be petite." So if your medium to large-boned you will never look like the models in magazines.

People will always have an opinion of you! Whether, you are skinny or not your health is more important than the opinion of other people.

How to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Cut back on red meat. Only eat red meat once or twice a week.
  • Eat salad with each meal.
  • Eat only one serving or plate full or less three times a day. (Do not stuff yourself)
  • Avoid stuffing yourself during meals.
  • Avoid sleeping after eating meal you will gain weight.
  • Snacking is ok just eat fruits, vegetables and salads when snacking.
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Replace the sugary drinks with water.

Eat responsibly use common sense!
Exercise each day do something fun.


Crash diets are dangerous!
Do not over exert yourself when exercising.

For Best Results

Drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each night before bedtime in your ice water.

This promotes great health benefits. Good for cleansing your Colen,kidneys and liver.

Great for all your organs including your skin.


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