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Cheating Babies: Nutritional Quality and Cost of Commercial Baby Food

Save Your Baby Jars or use small plastic storage bowls to store and feed your baby.
Save Your Baby Jars or use small plastic storage bowls to store and feed your baby.
Before you go out and buy another jar of baby food You might want to read the CSPI Reports. Your baby is essentially consuming mostly water and thickening agents like flour with food flavoring.

Gerber and Heinz baby food has managed to convince the new parent that their baby food is essential, for infants.

Basically you are paying high dollar for baby food that really has no nutritional value.

Homemade Baby Food Makes Your Baby Happy and Healthy

Today on the news they said that store bought baby food has 40% sodium but yet. The Health Department and other health professionals will tell you that salt (sodium) is harmful to your baby.

If this is true then why are they allowed to sell baby food loaded with salt? When I was raising my son. I breastfed him. Which I recommend all women to breastfeed their baby.

When my son was first born he was satisfied with just breast milk until he was three or four weeks old.

Then something changed! He wanted to breastfeed more often because his hunger wasn't satisfied.

He was crying so much because he was hungry but the doctor said he should not eat any solids at his age.

I got a gift basket at my baby shower and it had Gerber rice cereal in the gift basket. I cut a slit in the bottle nipple and added a tablespoon of rice cereal in my breast milk.

I shook my breast milk and cereal together to thicken and distribute the cereal throughout the milk.

My baby drank his milk when he was done. He seemed very satisfied and content. He then fell asleep he slept for six hours.

From that point on. I decided my baby knows when he's hungry and he knows when he is full.

All I know is I no longer had a crying infant. I was happy and my infant was content. When he started that fussing again I started adding banana and rice cereal to his milk.

He really loved the banana. That is how I got the idea to blend his food. I used my blender to blend some banana cereal with his breast milk.

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Store Bought vs Homemade Baby Food

I was a single parent so I saved a dollar any chance I could. I was doing a little shopping and I picked up enough baby food to last a week. I can't remember how much each jar of baby food cost twenty one years ago but baby food was not cheap $.50 a jar sounds about right.
I have no idea how much baby food is now. Anyhow, I started feeding my son baby food. When he was a little over three months old.
He loved all the fruit flavored baby food but he spit out all the other kind of baby food. I smelled and tasted the green bean baby food. Very bland with no food smell. I thought to myself. No wonder he keeps spitting his baby food out.
So I decided to blend some of my dinner up and see if he would eat it. I blended some of my food that was on my plate.
I blended the food with some milk and blended until the food was nice and creamy with no lumps.
I spoon fed my baby for the first time. That was one of the best moments with my son. He never choked and he never spit his food out again.

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The Prices of Baby Food

Look at the cost of baby food.
Look at the cost of baby food.

How Long Should You Breastfeed For?

How Long Should You Breastfeed For? That is a good question? On the article I am about to share with you. Their are mothers that breastfeed up to 4 or 5 years old.

Personally I feel uncomfortable with breastfeeding that long. My son weened himself from my breast at about six months.
He slowly stopped breast feeding on his own. He finally just did not want to breast feed.
He was more content with eating homemade baby food and drinking all natural juices.
I was told by the Health Department that it is recommended to breastfeed until the child is four years old.
I disagree but thats just my thoughts and opinion. Here is an article on just that How Long Should You Breastfeed For

Baby Content with Breastfeeding


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