How to Be a Secret Admirer


The point of being a secret admirer is to stay anonymous to spark their curiosity.  Here is some creative and romantic ways to grab the attention from whom you admire.

Being a secret admire takes some work on your part.  What I mean by work is you have to keep this a secret.  Don’t even tell your best friend.  They always promise not to blab but they always do so don’t tell anyone.

You must have a goal in mind.  Like how long are you going to be a secret admirer?  You want to be a secret admirer as long as possible.  Why?  You won’t be taken seriously at first.  You want this person to fall in love with you before you ever meet.

Here Is What You Do

You want to send them a modest gift with a short note.  Keep the note short into the point.  Example: I Hope to Win Your Heart

At first they will think it’s some sort of mistake but when they receive your next gift and note that is when they will realize they have a secret admirer.

Every person they run into or walk by at work and friends they see they will be wondering if thats their secret admirer.  This is what you want.  You want them to be intreged and curious.  You want to keep them guessing.

The next gift and note should allow more information.  The note should be more like a poem.  The gift should say I will be seeing you soon.  Anther words something you plan on seeing them in or smelling them with like cologne or perfume. Something sweet and not indecent.  Nothing that says I am thinking about sex.

You will see a bounce in their step.  You will see this person get infatuated there spirits lifted.  They will feel on top of the world because they feel wanted and admired.

You want to be their secret admirer as long as possible.  This will make them want you more.  You will have a better chance at getting a date or relationship.

You can be a secret admirer for a friend as well.  If you have a friend that needs some cheering up or their self esteem built up!  You can be their secret admire

From this point on use your own creativity.  You know what your situation is.  I can only give you the idea.  It’s up to you to come up with ideas to make them love you.

If nothing else you will alway be remembered and thought about.  You will be the one they tell stories about so no matter the out come.  You will come out on top.


How To Be A Good Secret Admirer

This article will give you good advice on how to be a great secret admire.

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  1. Very fun and interesting article on secret admirers. I agree that it can really make people feel extra special :-)


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