Finding Gold in Your Trash


Out of work? Make extra cash or earn a full-time income by recycling trash. There is so much stuff in the trash you can earn from you will be surprised. Find out what sells and how to sell it.

How to Recycle Trash and Earn

Cash is everywhere you look! You can recycle just about anything recycling centers pay big bucks for your trash. There are people who make a fortune on what we throw out and you can too.

I have found better stuff in trash cans and dumpsters than you can find in pawn shops. People throw out stuff in good to brand new condition. People unknowingly throw out antiques and collectables. Sometimes you can find new stuff that is still tagged or in the box.

Look threw everything closely sometimes you will find gold jewelry, costume jewelry even purses and wallets with cash in them.

It is a little embarrassing to go through someone’s trash or be caught climbing out of a Dumpster but who cares as long as your lining your pockets with cash.

Its not a clean job but it pays well. You will also be helping the environment while you're lining your pockets with cash.

There are other ways you can get cash in your pockets.

Recycle old cell phones: You can get cash or a tax-deductible. Most companies will pay for shipping.

Sell new or used clothes online at auctions or online classified ads. You can sell to local consignment stores. Clothes must be hung up or consignment stores will not except the clothes. If you need hangers most consignment stores will supply you with hangers.

Sell parts from junk cars and boats for cash. You could put an ad in your local paper. Pay up to a $100 for unwanted cars and boats. Double your money either by selling parts off your old Junker or you might see that its fixable to drive.

Recycle everything electronic is recyclable many companies will send you cash and pay shipping. Such as Gazelle they even ship you the box.

Scrap gold old wedding bands they are worth more now since gold has skyrocketed.

Take your found treasures sell them at the Flea Market or garage sale. Bad weather to hot to cold sell your found treasures online.

Save your beer and soda cans get your friends and neighbors to save cans for you. Believe it or not aluminum cans add up quickly. Saving cans really can get you out of a pinch.


How much Gold is in a Computer? $9 worth

This site shows photo illustrations of what components inside computers that have gold and other valuable metals. You can see what "Buyers of Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Circuit Boards"will purchase from you.
You can also find out what other electronics that has gold to salvage and sell.


Get cash for recycling your old electronic gadgets. Choose from PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or just get a check in the mail.


Find stuff get an offer online we ship the box and pay for the shipping. Most electronic gadgets wanted.

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