Identifying Demons and Deliverence

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There is a very clear line between Demonic Possession and mental illness, clearer that some people might believe.


Demonic Oppression: When a person, due to a sinful nature (violence, idolatry, jealousy ect) experiences harassment of a mild or extreme nature by a demonic entity.

Demonic Possession: When one or more demons have taken control (inhabit) the body, and all actions and thoughts are governed by a the entity/entities.


Unexplainable, irrational fears (phobias), anxiety and loneliness.

Inability to cope with minor problems or daily routine, difficulty adjusting.

Emotionlessness (absence of angry / delighted / sorrowing reactions to stimuli) or inappropriate emotions (sharp, inexplicable mood swings - silliness at serious moments, unpredictable tears).

Aimlessness, the feeling that life is devoid of meaning or purpose.

Loss of fear in Jehovah (God).

Violent behaviour, extreme aggressiveness (combativeness, hostility, physical violence, rage inability to avoid an arguments, outbursts of hatred).

Rapid and substantial weight gain or loss.

Selfish ambition, excessive self-centeredness, indifference to other people's feelings, actions or ideas. A lack of sympathy for another need or pain.

Extreme depression, Lack of zest and enthusiasm, listlessness, sadness, mood habitually down, a limited or missing sense of humour.

Risk-taking, inability to stick with a job, a living arrangement, failure to keep appointments, abide by decisions, compulsions, uncontrollable urges.

Confused, irrational or disordered thinking, loss of touch with reality, delusions (persistence in erroneous convictions failure to correct fallacious reasoning.

Feeling of being struck, scratched (even thrown). Feeling of being strangled or inability to breathe.

Irregular, numerous and unexplained ailments and injuries that do not run a typical course or respond to treatment.

A sudden decline in success, failure in work, school, relationships ect.

Childish behaviour, untriggered silliness.

Sudden decline in hygiene.

Lengthy states of sleep or prolonged states of sleeplessness.


Sexual Immorality (esp with a demon oppressed/possessed person) Pornography.Idolatry. 
Practices of spiritualism such as fortune telling, tarot reading or witchcraft.

A fixation with spiritualism and occultic powers.

Attempts to contact extraterrestrial being.

Inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol (inc herbs).

Spreading malicious lies (gossip).

Extreme jealousy.

A hedonistic lifestyle or behaviour.

A mental or emotional weakness.

Rebellion against authority or living life under an occultic authority.

Occultic forms of worship.

Blasphemy and other vile speech.

Anger against God or persons, including themself (poor self image)

Fascination with violence.

The possession of (known or unknown) occultic games, pictures, charms, books, DVDs,

CDs, tools est (this would include an ouija board)

An intense maniacal delight in violence and wielding power.

Being devoid of justice.

Inhuman strength (that which an adrenaline rush would not account for).

Unnatural, unexplinable intelligence (knowledge intricate details about a person or thing that you did not previously know of)

Speaking in tongues, speaking in foreign previously unknown languages and/or dead languages (ancient Aramaic) - Sometimes backwards (speaking Latin backwards).

Vile, uncontrolled swearing and verbal attacks even against total strangers.
Irreverent, vile, lewd comment about members of the Godhead, comments attributing gross sexual immorality to Jesus.

Multiple, distinguishable, coherent personalities capable of expressing themselves simultaneously (the emergence of strange, dual or multiple voices).

Emitting the smell of/like sulfur.

Rejection of all spiritual truths.

Totally incapable of submitting to anything but demonic authority.

Extreme, highly disturbed reaction to the mention of Jesus's bloodshed and the name of Jesus or Jehovah.

Possession of supernatural powers and abilities (ability to foretell the future, levitate themselves or foreign objects, astral projection ect).

Wild, unnatural facial contortions or body movements.

Severe, persistent depression, despondency, self harming and suicide attempts.

Severe, unexplainable loneliness.

Severe disgust towards religious writings, beliefs, practices

Refusing to eat or drink.

The desire to consume human flesh.

A total lack of restraint, especially with sexual behaviour, (gross/unnatural sexual behaviour and advances).

A total disregard for physical appearance and/or well-being.

Extreme violent or reckless behaviour (throwing knives, playing with poisonous snakes ect).

Fierce incoherent ravings.


Participating in Sexual Immorality.

Habitually rebelling against authority.

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, persistently rejecting the work of the Lord.

Vanity, being overly concerned with your appearance.

Possession of occultic games, tools, charms, books ect.

Holding grudges towards God or persons (esp if they are your parents).

Seeking of, or fixation on occultic power (having fortunes read, studying witchcraft, taking E.S.P tests ect).

Having authority figures open doors to Satans influence.

Short temperateness.


Examine your actions, life-style, contacts and possessions for any of the fore mentioned offences.
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Repent for your offences and confess them as sin to God in prayer.

Release resentment/grudges against God and peoples and seek forgiveness from those they have offended.

Repudiate and renounce all occultic involvement, totally destroy all occultic objects and seek forgiveness from Gad and all persons they have offended with it.

Submit yourself to the authority of God and those that he has assigned to have authority over you (Parents, law ect) unless they are under the effects of occultic powers or in defiance of God. And seek forgiveness from God and those they have rebelled against.

Ask Jesus Christ to take complete control of your life and dedicate your heart, mind, soul and all your strength to be used for his glory and fulfilling the Fathers will.

Freedom can them be attained with the power of God, help from spiritually mature Christians and an intense amount of will power on your part.


In the most unfortunate cases, the Demons hold is too strong to be driven out with traditional methods, the possessed will then need to under go an exorcism. Exorcisms consist of the following tactics.

Seek confirmation that the person in question is really possessed.
Seek the consent of the authority in the possessed persons life to cast out Demon/s (-Luke 11:24-26).

Exercise empathy repentance, closing any gateways the Demon may have entered though.

Enlist the participation of five or more physically and spiritually strong Christians.

Do not lay hands on the possessed person unless necessary to prevent them from physical self harm.

Identify the name of the Demon/s by asking them to give their names, watch for deception, it may take several days of prayer to weaken the Demon before they will ive the correct name.

In cases where the Demon has an extremely strong hold, engage in group fasting and prayer (-Mathew 9:25-29).

Diligently lead the possessed through every step of closing doors to the Demon/s with the methods listed in the above column.

In the name of Jesus, by the power of his blood, command the demon/s to leave. Again be weary of deception, You may have only cast out one Demon, not all.


Stay close to the newly converted and help him/her to become involved with solid Christian programs of descipleship in fellowship.
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