Replace Your Home Air Conditioning and Heat with Lennox Sunsource


Replace your air condition unit with a solar powered unit.  It makes better since to switch from using electric to solar power, with solar power what you put into your Lennox you will get back and think of the money you will save in the long run.

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The Lennox Sunsource is the top of the line in solar air conditioners.  Why?  You can choose to only power the Lennox with solar or you can power your lights,appliances ect..

The best thing about solar energy you do not have to worry about those nasty notes you get on the door saying pay your electric or else!

Even when you first get a Lennox Sunsource and your making payments.  You can workout a deal with the company that fits your budget.  This is a big plus!  No more surprise of what your bill is going to be month to month.

The HVAC industry is coming up with revelotional high tech ideas for AC units for both commercial and residential uses.

Modern newly built schools,hospitals and other companies are keeping their occupants comfortable.  While saving money.

Lennox Sunsource can also be upgraded because it is not just one system.  You can have as many as fifteen solar panels installed or as little as one solar panel installed.

Depending on your needs!  You could just install one solar panel than latter add more solar panels.

You can't go wrong replacing your old AC unit with Lennox their is just to many benefits to over look.

Like helping the environment.

Saving money.

Adding value to your home.

You get a tax break.

You stay cooler in the summer no matter how much you run your AC unit because you make the same payment.

No worries in the winter with heating bills.

My goal is to help you as the consumer to make better choices in upgrading your home for the future.

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  1. I recently needed my air conditioning unit replaced due to the old one cutting out in extreme summer heat. I called ServiceExperts and they provided me with the best air conditioning in Charlotte. They even offered to fix my old unit.

    1. Thats what I call good customer service and a great business idea. Right now people can't always go out and get a new air conditioner.

      Most people don't want to use their credit because they don't know what their future finances will be.

      I think businesses would stay in business if they could devise ways to help their customers to get AC Units and other necessities.

      My though is they can apply for grants to help people in need.

      Think of tax right off for free services. Sell or donate rebuilt air conditioners and more.

      People don't forget a business that helped them in need and think of what business they could bring you from friends or when they are in better financial standing.

  2. Its about time to put an end to the monopoly of electricity by the electrical power companies with that device. No need to worry about bills but only for
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    1. Not a bad idea! I been doing some research on magnetic generators which seems like a great idea. My problem is building a magnetic generator my self.

      I prefer to buy one that is already built! I also like the idea of using solar energy as well.

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