How to Rebuild a Troubled Relationship

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Relationship malfunction! Relationships get into trouble when they stop meeting most of the needs and expectations of their members. When we discover that we are not being loved in the way we expected, it tends to get our knickers in an uproar. We may then drop subtle hints to our partner, suggesting that they come to their senses and do the right thing by giving us what we want. If they fail to become enlightened by our gentle encouragements, we often resort to more direct measures: The power struggle!

Such arguments are part and parcel of every relationship which in fact adds some much needed spice and verve to any relationship. If you have nothing to argue about then it's too perfect and in fact it's too dull.

It's good that you are arguing that means you guys are still passionate about each other. But just don't let things blow out of proportion. If you guys are having excessive arguments that Clearly suggests both of you are intractable in your respective opinions.

Both of you parties need to compromise with each other. And if the other person is truly in love then he or she will definitely come to realize the sacrifices the other person is making to accommodate his or her wishes...... I will suggest you instead of letting things drift be proactive and take the first step and you will not regret it. Stepping out of an argument is tough, least of all because both of you are stubborn people; hence it can lead to a fight escalating, which is the worst thing.

I do think that stepping out is so useful and really does allow you to cool down and think clearly, bite the bullet and often diffuse the situation, it's easier said than done.

New relationships always start out wonderful as we put our best foot forward and then as we get to know each other and get more comfortable with letting our hair down we see more of the true nature of the other person. That's when the real love comes in.

We have to love that person in spite of who they are. We learn to take the bitter with the sweet and sometimes the bitter can be very bad. It sounds to me like you may just be hitting a rough spot and if you can both take some time out to recognize what is going on.

Then to compromise it might get better. Believe me, most of us have been where you are and even in the worst places. I would say don't give up too soon or you will run every time there is a conflict.

Think familiarity breeds to contempt many a times in a relationship so try bringing in new positive changes.

 In both your lives. Probably both of you or either of you are stressed out and are trying to vent it out on each other. Sit and try to understand what is causing all the trouble.

If you're serous about the relationship make sure you communicate it to her. Talk it out. Talking can sort things out, but make up your mind and tell yourself that the discussion is going to be positive.

I would say it's just a test period for your love. If it is true it will succeed after all that has happened. Initially every relationship is happy and free of problems and arguments, slowly as we grow older our thoughts change, our situations change and our life changes substantially......

As the environment around changes our reactions tend to change and so problems creep up. But that doesn't mean there is a problem with your love......... breakup is never the solution.

If you really love the person then I would suggest being patient. Try not to argue or fight when the other is venting. Once the other becomes com. Say what's on your mind. This will help to reduce the intensity of fights or arguments substantially.....

This proves that your real selves are coming out. This proves that both of you are under the process of understanding each other in the true meaning.

Do you really love her? If so, talk to her. Ending a relationship is really a serious matter. You should think twice. For men it's not that easy to step out of the argument. But if that's the only way to put out the fire, then that's what you should do.

Don't let a little fire grow. If it can be avoided, then avoid it. Give it a rest when you know both of you is getting into a heated argument. Talk to each after a few hours. But don't make the day pass that you're still in argument.

Make sure everything is all right before the day ends. Every time you feel that there will be a heated up argument, step out of the house to cool down.

All of us experienced or will be experiencing trouble in terms of our relationship, be it with a girlfriend, boyfriend, purely friends and even parents and relatives. But troubles complete the puzzle of life! If there is no trouble, there is no challenge to face. So cheer up and live your life. More or less, you must make the first move since. You are intelligent and show her that simple things have simple solutions. How much more when you get married. There are more serious  problems to face. Believe in yourself and do not give up.

You have heard "nothing worth having comes easy" cliche's, and you've got to work for something worth having. And I agree you should cheer up and live your life, it's just tricky knowing whether or not the way to be happy is with her or if it's time to move on.

You must both talk and agree to try harder to look for the signs an argument is brewing and avoid it, Maybe!

Both of you just need some space in between but not saying that you break up. Both of you should live out your own lives apart from each other. For the moment and try to think and weigh things. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Normally, relationships come to that point, the good things are being overshadowed by the bad or should I say the things that the other half doesn't really want or agree on. One bad thing would normally lead to another and I just think that's the case for both of you. Both of you need to lay low for a while and give each other some time to think, reassess, and cool your heads off... In that span of time, both of you will be missing each other and the good thoughts and memories will start to overshadow the bad and that's the time both of you should reunite and talk and straighten things up.

If you are committed enough and decided to keep the relationship going, work it out. Breaking up should be the last option or if not, not an option, not unless if the main problem is either a third party or a very bad attitude problem. Win her back by being kind and sweet; think about the things when both of you are just starting out and try to rekindle those. It's one sure way to get the fire back in the relationship especially on the part of the woman because they tend to cling on emotions and one way to play with emotions is by feeding it with positive feelings such as love, care, and thoughtfulness.

Think familiarity breeds to contempt many a times in a relationship so try bringing in new positive changes in both your lives. Probably both of you or either of you are stressed out and are trying to vent it out on each other. Sit and try to understand what is causing all the trouble.

Try to see if you can work things out. If they stay bad or get worse and you don't see it getting any better after trying all you can, then you may have to consider leaving because it is also true that everyone is not meant for everybody. One of the toughest lessons to learn is when to leave and when to stay. There are no concrete rules on that so you'll have to follow your heart and your instincts.
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